Fazer Chocolate Bars, 121g
Fazer Chocolate Bars, 121g
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Fazer Chocolate Bars, 121g

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    When it’s time for a very special treat!  Fazer is a brand that most Finns have grown up with; it's considered part of Finnish heritage. Those who are introduced later in life to the famous Fazer chocolate may have a hard time going back to their old favorite candy bar. Fazer is loved worldwide for its delicious taste and quality ingredients.  Made from 100% responsible cocoa.

    Fazerina, a classic that has been around for decades, is always a charming chocolate delicacy. The orange truffle filling combined with the exquisite milk chocolate will take you on a tasty trip down memory lane. 

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    Geisha Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Filling. Geisha chocolate was launched in 1962. This chocolate was born out of the idea of combining Mimosa, a popular crispy filling from a Japanese bakery product, with Fazer’s esteemed and well-known milk chocolate. Success was assuredly from the very first moment.I’m