Aarikka Kittilä Earrings
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Aarikka Kittilä Earrings

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    Each Kittilä earring is unique and special – just like you. The delicate grain pattern of the wood, along with the signature mark of the person who crafted the earrings, makes every pair one of a kind. Where will Kittilä take you? Perhaps to the Ounasjoki River, to watch the flowing stream? Watch closely and admire the details, even if there’s no fear of it melting away.

    The Kittilä earrings consist of a wooden part cut into the shape of a snowflake, hanging from a silver loop. 

    Color: Wood
    Material: Birch, silver
    Size: Length 5 cm, Ø 2.5 cm

    Handmade in Finland.